Footloose Presents

YES to Everything

Featuring original premiere performances by Heather Gold, Nikolas Strubbe, Eric Rubin, Dalton Alexander, Theresa Donahoe and Aimee Tomczak.

YES to Everything Series schedule: (descriptions follow below):

Friday Sept 22:    Dalton Alexander, Nikolas Strubbe
Saturday Sept 23:    Theresa Donahoe, Aimee Tomczak
Friday Sept 29:    Aimee Tomczak, Nikolas Strubbe
Saturday Sept 30:    Heather Gold, Theresa Donahoe
Friday Oct 6:    Dalton Alexander, Eric Rubin
Saturday Oct 7:    Eric Rubin, Nikolas Strubbe

San Francisco, California, August 8, 2017: Footloose presents the ongoing YES to Everything series three weeks September 22 through October 7, 2017 at SAFEhouse Arts in San Francisco's Civic Center. All the guest artists have written and will perform in their own theatrical and musical pieces. The six featured artists are: Heather Gold, Nikolas Strubbe, Eric Rubin, Dalton Alexander, Theresa Donahoe, and Aimee Tomczak.

Footloose is devoted to supporting local, national, and international artists in the creation and completion of original theater. Artistic Director/Producer, Mary Alice Fry is constantly on the move to see new work, meet the artists and invite them to bring fresh ideas and their talents to indoor and outdoor venues across the Bay Area. Footloose presents outdoor performance installations, full theatrical runs and reading series for poets and playwrights. The company operates Spring Fall Studio in the historic Sawtooth Building in West Berkeley making it available for rent to the community and for its own AIM: Artists in Motion residencies for dancers.

YES to Everything returns in December, 2017 in the new SAFEhouse Arts venue at 145 Eddy in San Francisco's expanding theater district in the Tenderloin.

About the plays and playwrights:

Everything is Subject to Change
Written and performed by Heather Gold

Heather Goldis a writer and performer based in Oakland, California. Everything Is Subject to Change is about loss in a time when the pace of loss is accelerating. Our economy is changing, industries are ending, structures are falling apart and something new is being born. Heather's work is focused on public intimacy: creating space and platforms that allow us to connect as our whole, different selves together in public. The Heather Gold Show, which mashed up diverse doers and performers with the audience in large scale conversations that got past the surface, appeared at Sketchfest and SXSW. Gold appeared in a LOGO TV pilot and worked on both seasons on the Emmy-nominated AOL hit web series The Future Starts Here. Heather co-founded and hosted the podcasts and Morning Jew. Her solo show, I Look Like An Egg, but Identify As A Cookie, won Curve's National Lesbian Theatre Award and was named Best of the Bay by the Oakland Tribune. Gold has baked over 50,000 chocolate chip cookies with audiences and guests as diverse as actress/playwright Lisa Kron, chef Elizabeth Falkner, Oakland's own Bake Sale Betty, and performer Ron Campbell. Gold's current storytelling series,Yarn, is an inclusive show that features comedic stories especially by and for women who are "Hollywood Old." The popular culture blog Boing Boing calls her "brilliant” and “one of our favourite comedians.” The Austin Chronicle claimed, “A set of wits equal to any major player on Comedy Central.” The Hairpin wrote, "Different from what most people think of as stand-up.” Read full article here

The Troubadour's Mustache
Written and Performed by Eric Rubin; Directed by Dan Griffiths

Eric Rubin
photo by Colin Hussey
Eric Rubin disassembles his piece of the American Dream into a hot kinetic mix of never-before-heard music, strange duck-like dance, and plant-based ceremonial parody. Eric uses live looping on guitars, hip/hop beatbox sound effects and singing/clapping with the audience to move the energy around and around. Follow the Troubadour as he woos with Spanish ballads, exorcises demons with New Age rituals, and sweats through a set of emotional states that will bring you full circle back to the first time you made love and the last time you cried yourself to sleep.

Eric Rubin tours the US, Mexico and Asia with his original physical character work using technology and odd concepts to confuse and confound audiences. He has appeared at SF Sketchfest, Tourettes without Regrets, Sacramento Comedy Fest, Speechless Live, Pianofight and more. He also applies theater as a tool for youth empowerment and social change in schools, prisons and with Colombian refugees in Latin America. The Troubadour's Mustache was developed at SAFEhouse Arts in San Francisco and is making its premiere at YES.

The Incredible Feelzo: Man of Moderate Talent
Written and Performed by Nikolas Strubbe

Nikolas Strubbe
Nikolas Strubbe is an internationally renowned performing artist and educator, specializing in the Eccentric Arts, combining innovative clowning and interactive magic with heartfelt storytelling, raucous sideshow, and fearless improvisation. As Feelzo, he has been back and forth to San Francisco since 2010; taken audiences by storm across Australia since 2016; and now brings the full length, reworked show to the Bay Area. In a world obsessed with branding, image and elevator pitches, The Incredible Feelzo is a ludicrous rebuttal against easy classification--no set genre--no set script. Each show is wildly different, with our half-hinged host literally reading the audience's minds. Together, we alter the entire course of our shared entertainment with healthy doses of pathos, social commentary and interactive stupidity.

Nikolas Strubbe has been featured in “Zoppe Circus,” “Circus Avalon,” “BarZirk,” “Burlesque Idol Australia,” and TV’s “MythBusters.” Local roles include Banquo in We Player’s “Macbeth at Fort Point,” and the vaudevillian Emcee Eddie, in Boxcar Theatre’s immersive cult hit “The Speakeasy.” Nikolas is a graduate of UCSC and The Flying Actor Studio; co-founded SF’s “Main Street Theatre;” taught at SF Circus Center, Stanford University, and the Nueva School. He is currently a faculty member at the Clown Conservatory, teaching Mime and Clown to professional circus and theatre artists.

  • “Too raw and visceral to be pure fantasy conjured for the sake of performance… A meticulously researched, dubiously accented, escaping-moustached fictitious invention that deftly conjures a forgotten era of show business.” - Matt McKenzie, Great Scott Australia.
  • "This is a sensitive, deeply-risky, and personally challenging show. It is theatre with soul, circus with gentleness, and sensitivity with, well, blockhead. Go. Just go and see reality with all the boring bits cut out. Go." - John Campbell, director, Circus Avalon

  • #whitenoise - A Neologism
    Written and performed by Dalton Alexander

    Dalton Alexander
    photo by Maria Fernanda Baez
    Dalton Alexander's solo, #whitenoise - A Neologism progresses his work as a professional dancer beyond pure technique to comment and question our current affairs. His travels and studies abroad and return to the US in this tumultuous political environment are reflected in this interactive new work. The audience enters during Dalton's hyper-performative prologue; they are then asked to minimally participate and to experience "the old times" via patriotic music, marching and news briefings. The performer's physicality, the space, the text, 90’s pop songs, tweets and the passing into nostalgia and out balances hilarity with sincerity in Alexander's deeply moving debut.

    Dalton Alexander began training at the University of New Mexico in 2010 under Donna Jewell and Vladimir Conde-Reche; and taking summer intensives at LINES and SF Conservatory of Dance intermittently. Upon graduating with a BS in Biology, he moved to Berlin to join the 10-month Dance Intensive program at Tanzfabrik-Berlin. Here he was introduced to Klein Technique™ and other somatic/movement practices. Dalton carried this knowledge to London where he received his MA in Dance Performance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance as a Leverhulme Scholar in the graduate company, Transitions Dance Company - most notably working with Theo Clinkard and Dog Kennel Hill Project. His thesis, “Working Towards Total Presence Through Awareness: The IAP” shaped the practice for which his current performance practice emerges. Dalton just moved to San Francisco and this is his very first solo for public audiences.

    Late Bloomer
    Written and performed by Theresa Donahoe
    Developed with David Ford; performance consultant Jill Vice

    Theresa Donahoe
    photo by Lisa Keating
    Theresa Donahoe is a Bay Area actress who writes and performs her original solo shows. Being the baby of her four siblings, she developed a unique set of coping skills. Like waiting around until somebody else solves her problems. She can dodge every rite of passage and remain the world's youngest 35 year old. Or can she? Her wisdom teeth cannot take it anymore...the kitchen sink is clogged...her dad wants her to move out. See the funny and fast talking Theresa get in and out of stressful situations with aplomb. Cat Nanny 911! was Theresa Donahoe's first short work and enjoyed a sold out extended run after debuting at All Terrain Theater’s Women in Solodarity showcase in April, 2013. Other short pieces followed when she collaborated with David Ford and Jill Vice at The Marsh. Late Bloomer is Theresa’s first, full length solo. It debuted in March at the 2017 Rogue Fringe Festival in Fresno and is making its Bay Area premiere at YES.

    Through a Stargate Portal to This Thing Called Midlife
    Written and Performed by Aimee Tomczak; Directed by Maude Davis
    Live music accompaniment and vocal improvisation by Elise Youssoufian on Carillon chimes, Tibetan singing bowl, Indian bronze bell

    Aimee Tomczak
    photo by Virna Low
    The Egyptian Midlife Stargate Portal is 4800 years old, but feeling irrelevant compared to the great mystery portals of birth and death. The portal seeks out someone going through their climacteric passage and finds Aimee Tomczak, who is going through her own midlife crisis. Ancient celestial guidance, humor, compassion and creativity help Aimee reclaim her voice, own her imperfections and awaken to her beautiful, dangerous, future assignment: being her Self.

    Aimee Tomczak didn't feel like having a 50th birthday party. Instead, she signed up for a workshop with Armand Volkas at the Living Arts Counseling Center and rebirthed herself as a solo performance artist. Aimee's passion for dance, theater and art started in her youth and sustained her through the 1980's even winning the American Bandstand National Dance contest. Even while doing meaningful work as a psychotherapist and expressive arts therapist, Aimee found herself in midlife burnout. Fortunately her creative juices were rekindled and under the direction of Maude Davis and with the help of Ty McKenzie at Stagewerx, her solo show was born. Excerpts were featured at Monday Night at the Marsh and this will be the premiere of the full show.