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YES to Everything at EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy near Mason and Powell Street BART, San Francisco, Fridays and Saturdays, June 15-30, 2018. All shows 8:00 pm.

Info/Reservations: 510-658-3530;
Pay what you can $15-25. No one turned away for lack of funds.
Buy advance tickets here or call 1-800-838-3006

All the guest artists have written and will perform in their own premiere dramatic, comedic and musical pieces. Soloists are: Julie Drucker, Kathleen Denny and Ron Jones. Groups are: Bob Ernst with Aldo Della Maggiora, Jovelyn Richards with her ensemble and live music by jazz pianist/composer, Damu; plus Running With Glitter sketch comedy group. These artists have devised original works, some with location, current events and audience engagement in mind. Each night is a different double bill that runs the gamut from comedy to storytelling to music and movement.


Osell's 517 Club
Written, directed and performed by Jovelyn Richards with live music by jazz pianist/composer Damu
Ensemble: Tim Fisher, Krystle Liggins, Jazmine Mora, Roberta Murdock, Sugar, Kimberly Turner, Ricardo Williams, Nekia Wright

Jovelyn Richards, master storyteller of black love and intimacy, heads a diverse ensemble of actors and movers to recreate the smoky atmosphere of the infamous Osell's 517 Club. Racism was softened by blues and later jazz for those migrating to Milwaukee during the 1950's to 1970's. Newly arrived blacks with suitcase in hand, would go hang outside Osell's seeking out kinfolks. Inside, bodies moved with new emotions once away from the brutal skies of the deep south. A haven for musicians, gays and anyone living on the fringes, Osell's was also the place of danger, drugs, betrayal and deception. The story opens in 1963, with a phone call that sets the night on fire.

Naked Zombie
Written and Performed by Ron Jones; Directed by David Ford

Ron Jones takes the stage in his newest solo, Naked Zombie. It all started when he was asked to nude model for a drawing group. The elder artist, Helen Ludwig McGill, (portrayed by Ron) becomes friends with Ron and together they encounter the world of digital madness. A cat named Ralph, a Frog in a tutu, Pixar and Creativity Explored become parts in this comical adventure of mortality and divine revelation.

To Be of Use
Written by Julie Drucker in collaboration with and directed by Nina Wise

Julie Drucker performs a solo drama with timely themes of immigration, trauma, forgiveness and the complex family dynamics (and DNA) that are passed down from generation to generation. In a dream, her Romanian Jewish grandfather told her "You have to tell my story!" She vows to do so and To Be of Use was hatched. Much of his story had been silenced. Julie carefully interviewed family members about barely remembered accounts of his life and death. She did historical research. She even took a trip to Vienna to dig into his past, locating her grandparent's apartment building and Hermanns grave. Julie uncovered the layers of shame, secrecy and guilt surrounding his mysterious demise in Nazi occupied Vienna in 1938. The result is a nail biter with a poetic cadence and fluid narrative guided by the incomparable Motion Theater Director, Nina Wise.

Written and performed by Kathleen Denny

Kathleen Denny is a writer, storyteller and performer long based in Oakland. Her new show Tolerance?! is a true and funny account from her years as a union machinist and mechanic in the air transport industry. Long before Anita Hill and #MeToo, women of the Rosie the Riveter generation pushed back against intolerance on the job. When Kat decides to do something about the pinup calendar in the machine shop--Miss September is not demonstrating a mechanical technique--she tests the boundaries for women working next to men.

Running With Glitter
FRIDAY JUNE 22 - One night only
Sketch comedy co-directed by Sara-Jean Bartky and Elizabeth Simone; Lighting/sound Erica Anderson
Performers: Pallav Agrawal, Sara-Jean Bartky, Khela Campos, Rosie Fry, Cesar Herrera, Christopher Hughes, Krystle Liggins, Emily Russell, Elizabeth Simone, Daniel Wilcox

Running With Glitter is a new comedy group out of Oakland. Their fast-paced, original sketches deal with personal and global politics and range from satire to commentary on pop culture. Their first show last month at Oaklands All Out Comedy Theater sold out and launched some of the freshest Bay Area comedic writers and actors. They team write and workshop material for the ensemble to perform. These talented newcomers take the stage for one night only in their San Francisco premier at EXIT Theatre.

HOME, poems and songs by Keith Lee White
Old, New, Borrowed & Blue, by Bob Ernst
Live music and spoken word performed by Bob Ernst with Aldo Della Maggiora

HOME is a musical interpretation with minimal theatrics of the songs and poetry of Keith Lee White who was incarcerated at the age of fifteen and is currently doing life at Corcoran State Prison. White captures the sounds and gestures of confinement and constant scrutiny with the accompanying rage, regret, loneliness and enlightenment. NEW material by Bob Ernst will be performed with Aldo Della Maggiora. These two versatile performers--Ernst the avant and Aldo the savant--have become collaborators of spoken word and drumming.