SF I Love You!

  • Nine weeks: Thursdays May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31; June 7, 14, 21, 28, 2018
  • Shelton Theater, 533 Sutter, San Francisco

The multi-talented performers play different characters and are part of the ensemble bringing stories onstage about the changes to our city of love. Directed by Mary Alice Fry, in collaboration with world class writers, filmmakers, composers and the cast, the show is packed with satire, slapstick comedy, drama, music and dance. From all things romantic and idyllic, to the gritty and not so pretty, the moods change as quickly as our San Francisco weather.

Carolé Acuña plays Doris and Flash; is one of our choreographers and an ensemble player.

Carolé Acuña is an actor, stand-up comedian, choreographer, flamenco and contemporary dancer, author, filmmaker and activist. She has a 10-year professional relationship with Footloose. She was a Best Supporting Actress nominee at the Sanford Meisner Film Festival and an Isadora Duncan Dance Award (Izzie) nominee in individual performance. She is co-artistic director of Carolina Lugo's & Carolé Acuña's Ballet Flamenco and a collaborator with Urban Jazz Dance. She is the creator of Climate Narwhal, Microscopically Short Films and Feeling Freedom Now Stand-Up Comedy Shows.

Sara-Jean Bartky is an actor, singer, and sketch writer hailing from New Jersey. She has been in multiple theater productions, short films, comedy sketches, and commercials over the course of her career and continues to be a part of the improvisational group, FingerHands, having performed at theaters such as La Peña Cultural Center and All Out Comedy Theater. Sara-Jean Bartky plays Michelle and is part of the ensemble.

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Colin Hussey
Joshua Berg plays Dillan and the Troubadour. He is our house musician, composer and part of the ensemble.

Joshua Berg is is a singer/songwriter from Virginia Beach, Virginia. He has performed as front man for multiple rock & roll projects. Josh just moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in acting and music composition. This production has been the catalyst for his first solo album, to be released later this year.

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Colin Hussey
Cesar A. Herrera plays Chazz, Guido and the luchador.

Cesar A. Herrera is making his theatrical debut in this production that honors San Francisco, the city he feels lucky to have grown up in. Before being accepted to The Meisner Technique Studio's 2-Year Acting Intensive Program, Cesar did not know what he wanted to do with his life. Acting gave him a purpose and a dream. The process wasn't easy, but his faith kept him fighting for what was in his heart--to inspire others to face their fears and go after their dreams.

Krystle Liggins plays Delores and is part of the ensemble.

Krystle Liggins, a native Texan, moved to the Bay Area in 2010 and put down roots. Her creativity extends to acting, singing, dancing and writing. She has two solo shows that she performed at Stage Werx in San Francisco. A graduate of the Meisner Technique Studio, she recently starred in the play, Katie, at the Meisner theater. Other performances include The Bloodless Jungle at the National Black Theater Festival in North Carolina. She directs the Quiet Time Program for the San Francisco Unified School District, teaching meditation to students.

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Colin Hussey
Kristen Rulifson is one of our choreographers, lead dancer and ensemble player.

Kristen Rulifson is a Footloose resident artist who choreographs and performs her own and other artists' work. She is a whirlwind of creative energy teaching, directing and performing at various venues. With a B.A from UC Davis in Neurobiology Physiology and Behavior and Dramatic Arts, she continued her education as an Expressive Arts Therapist at the Tamalpa Institute. She dances with Pinata Dance/Liz Boubion (FLACC at Dance Mission); Mark Foehringer Young Choreographers' Forum; FloorPlay with Lauren Godla and more!

XedeX plays himself in a film; the luchador in his own dance choreography and is part of the ensemble.

XedeX was born in Chihuahua, Mexico. His day job, as an educator with San Francisco Unified School District, allows him to collaborate and perform in the Bay Area with local dance and theater artists. Graduating from UCLA with M.F.A in Theater/Film; and M.A. in Dance/Choreograpy, Xedex went on to receive a Fulbright Fellowship and won national honors from the American College Dance Association, performing his choreography in Washington at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. With filmmaker, Molly Stuart, he co-created a performative dance documentary movie, Mi Casa No Es Mi Casa, that debuts in SF I Love You!

Bruce Yelaska portrays himself in his own short play and is an ensemble member.

Bruce Yelaska puts his 15 years as an improvisor to use in his film and stage work, including the San Francisco Improv Festival, Antelope Valley Improv Festival, Sacramento Improv Festival, Los Angeles Comedy and Improv Festival and The David & Brady Show at the San Francisco Fringe Festival. His film work includes Cards, directed by Larry Hall,and Antiprism: Exploring the Vessel XII, directed by Jon Berson. Bruce is a renowned designer who has supported Footloose for 35 years!

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Liz Payne
Mary Alice Fry, Producer/Artistic Director of Footloose Presents since 1985 has been one of the driving forces behind keeping San Francisco venues going, including the company's own theaters, Shotwell Studios and Venue 9 (which since have been displaced). She now operates Spring Fall Studio in Berkeley. Fry produces the ongoing series: YES to Everything where playwrights perform their own material; AIM: Artists in Motion, for dance/theater; Bitch and Tell: a real funny variety show showcasing international comedic talent, musicians, circus acts, dancers and magicians. Her performing, writing, directing and choreographing credits cover 35 years of original productions and site specific works. Her comedy, You're Cookin Good, will have its premiere in San Francisco, I Love You!

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Cesar A. Herrera
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Cesar A. Herrera & Xedex
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Cesar A. Herrera & Xedex
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Cesar Herrera, Josh Berg & Carolé Acuña
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San Francisco I Love You

YES to Everything

  • Fridays and Saturdays, June 15-30, 2018. All shows 8:00 pm
  • EXIT Theatre, 156 Eddy near Mason and Powell Street BART, San Francisco

Bob Ernst and Aldo Della Maggiora
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Bob Ernst
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Julie Drucker
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Osell’s 517 Club
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Ron Jones
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